An American Mermaid Named Elektra

I saw the program that Derren Brown did about luck and it really struck a chord with me;  the premise was about our luck being very much in our own hands and we are either open to positive things happening to us or closed to them.  Some of the examples were maybe a little far-fetched but I think to a degree it’s true, but is it luck? Surely luck is out of our control, beyond the fact that you do have to have a lottery ticket in order to win.  Anyway after a run of bad luck I seem to have found myself in a sort of muddled through temporary solution which is if not luck certainly fortuitous, so I’ll thank the luck gods anyway (just in case). More of that shortly….

Yesterday I finally properly made the most of not working and amongst other jobs actually tackled the pile of ironing that is so large it probably should be declared as a tenant and pay rent.  I got it down to the last four items and somehow, call me sentimental, couldn’t quite empty the basket – it didn’t seem right.  The pile got me back though as I discovered that I couldn’t fit all my clothes into the wardrobe, the wash basket sort of sat there looking at me smugly saying “see I told you so”. We’ve made a pact it won’t be too intrusive and I’ll leave it alone as much as I can, it’s a good compromise.

After wearing my domestic goddess crown and seriously thinking about giving Nigella a run for her money I was unexpectedly back to work today and am preparing for two full days for the rest of the week as well.  So…that means being organised again and the most important start for that when you’ve children to get up for school the next day is bedtime.

Am I the only mum who has to deal with things like a daughter who suddenly starts speaking with an American accent and renames herself Elektra? Possibly even worse, although the American accent was pretty bad, then accuses me of trying to despatch her to a watery hell because I want to dry her hair and don’t I know that drying hair kills mermaids? Elektra soon discovered that didn’t cut any mustard with me, I’m not that stupid – I know that a mermaids hair must dry when she’s resting on the rocks in the sunshine.