Why me?

At laptop, in kitchen - where else?!

I know I’m not the only busy working mum of 2 and I know I’m not the only divorced busy working mum of 2, but I have unexpectantly found myself with time on my hands so here I am writing a blog.

They say stick to what you know so this will be about the mainly trivial, often amusing, occasionally interesting, sometimes sad events that seem to present themselves to me.  Including choice gems that children just give up all the time, so thank you to my lovely little girl of 5 (and a half) and my wonderful little boy of 4.  I’m kicking myself for not writing down some of the things they’ve said or done already so maybe this will finally give me a focus to keep those memories.

And my catchphrase of choice? “Hurry up or we’ll be late” – it never works by the way!


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